IOS 15 & The Future of App Development

November 29th, 2021

IOS 15 & The Future of App Development

This guest-post is courtesy of our partners at Mediashark.

When Apple released the IOS15 back in September, the world waited eagerly to find out which new and innovative technology was going to be available on their devices.

Gold Coast App Developers Media Shark have reported they are experiencing a steady increase in enquiries since this latest version of IOS was released in relation to developing apps using the latest unique features.

“We have seen a real trend in app development ideas that are utilising the latest technologies IOS15 has to offer and there is a healthy demand for young entrepreneurs and startups wanting to be the first ones to market”

According to a report by TechCrunch – Mobile apps are 3rd in the most profitable startups.

So what's new?

Some of the most notable new features of IOS15 include the following:

Notifications: these have been designed to be larger and clearer & the notifications which are deemed as less important can now be bundled together as a summary to be shown at a more convenient time set by the user.

Focus: allows a user to create a “do not disturb” and manipulate which contacts and apps are allowed to come through based on a “profile” that the user creates, this is so that personal messages do not interrupt work and vice-versa.

Text Scan: this new feature allows the user to open the camera & point at text, once text is picked up, a small icon appears which then allows the user to look up the text to browse the web and find directions etc

Tabs In Safari: a noticeable difference is the tab has moved to the bottom, there are mixed reviews on the UX of this however Safari now allows for multiple tabs which can be grouped together and organised in different orders.

For some employees or students who perhaps need to multitask, having the ability to browse separate tabs on the internet across 2 screens is a bonus, some employees who work “on the go” may also benefit from the option to work from these additional tabs.

Privacy changes

There have been changes to privacy and the way in which users now interact with their devices. The new privacy changes give users greater control over how their data is used.

These changes are creating some new obstacles for advertisers and making it increasingly difficult to gain an understanding of user behavior, it also limits the advertisers’ ability to distribute targeted ads and measure the results..

Apple will also now ask users if they would like to receive targeted ads. Prior to IOS15 all users were automatically opted in, therefore offering users the opportunity to take more control over their apps and the way they are marketed to and thus allowing for genuine, consented relationships with users rather than the previously forced ones.

Marketing strategy

Mobile app marketing fortunately begins from the moment a consumer knows about the app. Each and every interaction a potential user has with the brand is key to ensuring that individual then goes on to download the app and more importantly stay engaged and keep using it.

Building a strong brand that people want on their phones is crucial and therefore a marketing strategy must be put in place prior to launch.

Getting an audience excited is a great idea, influencer marketing, video content, app store optimisation, optimising an already existing website, networking and offline advertising are all various ways in which advertisers and app developers can look to market an app outside the targeted in app marketing..

Apple’s App Store Connect will now allow app developers to change app icons and will also give app developers the opportunity to customise their product pages.

The future of app development

With IOS 15 comes the opportunity to build apps that offer new and unique experiences, entrepreneurs and startups now have the chance to build innovative mobile apps that will not only benefit and assist users but offer shared experiences.

Image Recognition:

The text recognition feature could potentially make for a great nutrition or fitness application and with this comes the prospect of a possible image recognition app in the future which could be a game changer as one of the inevitable apps that doesn’t exist yet which is the scan and shop.

**Artificial Intelligence:
**Disruptive technologies in particular are forging the way ahead in terms of the future of app development. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are some of the most advanced technologies of this era. According to Statista, the virtual reality market is forecasted to reach close to 300 billion U.S dollars by 2024.

**Some of the most profitable startups currently, come in the form of fin tech apps, with a number of fintech apps already at unicorn status. Although Apple currently doesn't seem to be a huge fan of digital digital currencies, there is no denying that crypto, blockchain and NFTs are all increasing in popularity and demand.

**One billion people worldwide have some form of disability. And with Apple's latest update they have made the accessibility features even more accessible. incorporating inclusive design in order to reach the widest possible audience should and will become a key focus in the future as it’s not only ethical but makes good business sense.

Final Thoughts

When developing an app it is important to realise the importance of a unique app idea and that today’s consumer have a high expectation for advanced technology. Digital transformation is crucial to the success of any modern businesses and if an app can solve a problem too, entrepreneurs and business alike could be on the right track to success.

Lara Blake is the Business Development Manager for Media Shark, Gold Coast App Developers who specialise in App Design & App Development. She also represents HK Certifiers, Private Certifier Blue Mountains Lara’s passion for tech coupled with an extensive career in Business Development has led her to become an advocate and writer for young professionals within the industry.

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