App Development Trends in 2021

October 22nd, 2020

App Development Trends in 2021
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The emergence of new technologies in the modern world is an inevitable process. 2020 turned out to be a difficult year for the vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet. However, despite this, people were able to take some developments to a whole new level, which gives mobile app developers and [app marketers]( a lot of room for action next year.

### 1. 5G Technology in Mobile App Development

This year the 5G technology made a splash. Comparing to 4G networks it's almost a hundred times faster and has a much lower latency. In the mobile app development industry, new technology will make a huge difference. With 5G connectivity, mobile apps will start to work more smoothly and speedily. South Korea is currently the leader in implementing the new network. And based on researches made there the greatest impact will be on applications used for data transmission. For example, we are talking about broadcasting sports by switching between cameras or using 5G in factories, where it allows workers to quickly upload photos of products to the cloud and analyze them for defects. Also, do not forget about how much 5G can improve medical care since good speed and quality of data transmission open up new possibilities in remote surgery.

### 2. Cross-platform mobile apps

[Developing one cross-platform app]( saves time and money compared to native apps. Moreover, there's no need for a cross-platform application to be installed on the mobile device, it works via the regular browser and it only requires Internet access. The development of data transmission technologies (such as 5G, which was mentioned earlier) allows you to save on the development of native apps without any noticeable losses for the end-user. Besides, there're come up absolutely new approach to cross-platform app development called progressive web apps (PWA) which allows you to use a web app without access to the Internet.

### 3. Artificial Intelligence

We can tell that AI has become one of the main technologies created in the 21st century. The main difference between AI and other technologies is that, as a real human, it is able not only to receive and process information but also to learn from previous experience. However, this is not a high-tech thing that only secret government laboratories use, on the contrary, AI is used in literally every industry today. From modern ad algorithms, translators, and data analyzing to smart home systems and medical programs and devices. Besides, the evolution of AI technologies gave a powerful impetus to the development of robotics and opened up a whole new world for mobile app developers.

### 4. AR & VR Technologies

Another two app development trends are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These technologies have already proven their effectiveness and usefulness for business in the past few years but this whole pandemic situation showed us how many more opportunities for using AR and VR lie in front of us. Without the ability to leave our houses for several months a lot of companies and independent developers made it possible to visit museums, sports games, theatres, and even fashion shows. Among other things there was a big push for e- and mCommerce to integrate these technologies in their space to help people buy all necessary clothes, furniture, and other stuff that you'd like to try on before buy.

### 5. Voice

The trend for voice technologies is confidently coming with us from 2020 to 2021. It has already changed our search behavior the same as virtual assistants on different devices changed some of our habits in general. Of course, we won't stop there. App developers have a great opportunity in developing so-called "hands-free" software. For instance, just recently Xerox engineers invented the ConnectKey application-programming interface. Printers that support this voice-recognition technology set the innovative direction for the whole industry. At *Voice Live* Bret Kinsella, CEO & Founder of made a prediction that by 2025, at least 25% of the top 500 brands will have their own voice assistant.

### 6. Internet of Things

The next big trend of a decade is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a network of different devices connected to the Internet and has build-in technologies that allow them to interact with the external environment by sending and receiving various data. The emergence of new devices and the development of mobile technologies open up more and more opportunities in the field of IoT. Mobile applications powered by IoT allow users not only to save their time and making their life easier but to remotely control their houses. Furthermore, this progress gets a huge impact on the healthcare sector.

### 7. Mobile Commerce

Lately, more and more often instead of the term eCommerce, we hear mCommerce (or Mobile Commerce). According to Google researches since 2016 more than half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets and as it says in the BigCommerce report, only 12% of consumers still think that online shopping is inconvenient. Increasingly retail companies these days get a mCommerce mobile application in support of their websites to provide customers with flawless usability and get benefits for their marketing by push notifications, personal offers, etc.

### Conclusion

Every day developers all over the world make beautiful and absolutely new custom software. As a result, our everyday technologies become more sophisticated and amazing. You don't have to use each trend from this article in your future app but it's always good to know your opportunities, especially when it could help to raise your application on a completely new level.

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[Katya Uvarova]( is the Lead Marketing Manager at one of the top app development companies, Messapps. She understands that even though she is not working on projects directly she must have a deep understanding of development processes and industry insights.

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