Keyword Synergy: Harnessing the Power of SEO and ASO for a Unified Marketing Front

February 23rd, 2024

Keyword Synergy: Harnessing the Power of SEO and ASO for a Unified Marketing Front

Getting your company’s website and app to the top of search results takes time and effort. However, you can hit the jackpot faster when you unify your search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) keyword strategies

Aligning both search-related efforts offers countless benefits, starting with a consistent user experience. When all your keywords are working in tandem, your digital presence will sound and look the same across the board. Naturally, this will reinforce your brand messaging and reputation. It will also ensure you’re able to grab the attention of consumers who are interested in your service or product without always resorting to paid advertisements. That’s a huge boon for your profit margins because the more organic leads and app downloads you get, the lower your cost per lead will be.

Ultimately, connecting your SEO and ASO initiatives will allow you to speed up your sales and improve your brand’s discoverability with search engines and the App Store or Google Play. To begin, you’ll want to evaluate and retool your research and planning tactics.

Ramping up Your Keyword Research for SEO and ASO

What’s the cornerstone of effective optimization regardless of whether it’s SEO vs. ASO? Research — and more research.

Keyword research enables you to understand your target audience much better and know what they’re searching for — sometimes in near-real time. It also makes sure you aren’t buried in search results. After all, only 0.63% of Google searchers ( click on second-page search results. While this data refers to users exploring Google search results, it’s just as relevant for the search habits of App Store and Google Play searchers.

But does pulling together your SEO and ASO strategy for keyword research and deployment make a difference? It can — and has — for many brands, including Sephora.

Sephora leveraged App Store optimization to bump up its app downloads. After identifying trending keywords and conducting A/B tests, Sephora increased its conversion rates. At the same time, the brand saw a corresponding swell in performance on its other owned media pages ( optimization-case-studies/).

The Calm app enjoyed a similar outcome after merging its SEO and ASO keyword planning. Like Sephora, Calm first engaged in thorough keyword research. Afterward, the brand integrated high-ranking keywords into relevant content, including its App Store title and subtitle. The decision to sync up its keyword marketing has been a good one for Calm, which retains a top-ranked spot in its category.

Best Practices When Experimenting With SEO and ASO Keywords

Once you’ve found the keywords or phrases that you want to begin using on your website and mobile app search pages, your job is only partly finished. Next, you need to take steps that will allow you to make the most of your keyword optimization.

  1. Be strategic about where you place your keywords.

Did you know that both the App Store and Google Play rely on unique search algorithms that don’t always line up with algorithms used by common search engines? For instance, they both use the developer’s name and the app title to determine rank. However, the App Store also factorsin the subtitle, app category, and meta keywords. Google Play doesn’t do likewise, but it does consider the app description ( With insider information like this, you can get more eyeballs on your app page by naturally peppering your content with keywords in precise, strategic locations.

Pro tip: Always check out the maximum number of characters you’re allowed for each section of your app page. Why leave any spaces empty if you can get a little more well-positioned keyword mileage there?

  1. Keep up with the evolving world of search engine optimization.

The parameters of search engine optimization keep changing, so strive to stay ahead of the curve.For example, users aren’t always typing their search engine queries like they used to. More and more are speaking their searches to voice assistants. For this reason, voice search is becoming more and more of a consideration in SEO and ASO.

What makes voice search especially notable? Consumers use more conversational phrasing when speaking. Therefore, it’s worth tweaking your content to include keywords that are more voice search-friendly. Just be cautious: Your copy and messaging need to strike a balance between being attractive to bots and engaging to humans.

You’ve worked hard to create and market an outstanding mobile product that will help your brand connected with consumers. By unifying your SEO and ASO strategy planning, you can boost your ROI and visibility without depending solely on paid ads.

Erica Garman is the VP of marketing at Intero Digital, a digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive, results-driven marketing solutions. Erica has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and is passionate about helping brands build meaningful connections with their audience. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends, she specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage both traditional and digital channels for maximum impact.

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