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Things you need to tick off before releasing your app

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There are so many kinds of apps that are being developed and submitted to the App Store on a daily basis and all the expectations and demands to hit the brief can be very intimidating. This is why we want to guide you through a very important fraction of it – all the things that you need to do right before releasing your app.

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Wearables – The Emerging Future Trend for mHealth Apps

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Wearables have been in the market for some time now. Wearable technology in healthcare includes electronic devices that can be used to collect, store, monitor, and report data of users’ health parameters. Technology has provided products such as blood pressure monitors, diabetes trackers, and pacemakers. There are many devices available in the market that can track our fitness parameters. But factors such as an increased awareness of health and illnesses, changing patient expectations, aging population, overworked medical workforce, and rising healthcare costs are bringing in unique demands on the healthcare industry.

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Programming Language

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Since computers are everywhere these days, it’s not surprising that there are thousands of programming languages with more appearing each year. From classics like BASIC to mainstream languages like JavaScript, Python and Swift, to the more esoteric, like LOLCODE and everything in between, it can be difficult to choose just one. You’ll often see articles that try to position the top 5 most important, modern, up and coming, etc. programming languages for <insert current year or platform>. So how do you choose the one that is right for you?

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Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups in 2020

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Only a quarter of 2020 has passed, and how many things have already happened. However, do not lower the level of optimism, all good things are ahead!

The world of mobile apps continues to impress in the way it evolves and grows, and there’s no doubt whatsoever that the mobile app industry of 2020 will vastly outshine all the years which came before. Indeed, even conservative estimates put the total number of mobile app downloads by the end of the year up to 353 billion… demonstrating clearly that this is a marketplace that simply won’t stop growing, won’t stop changing, and won’t stop presenting new surprises and opportunities for those willing to put their ideas on the line. 

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Software Development Trends in 2019

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Programming languages, development & App Store Optimization strategies, frameworks, methodologies, libraries, APIs, user experience design tools, and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. This is largely due to the pressure to innovate and to keep up with ever-changing software technologies. Companies are always looking for a better way to achieve their goals while delivering greater customer experiences.

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Designing Better Onboarding For Your Mobile App

The right App Store Optimization techniques will get your app in front of eyeballs and (hopefully)  a download as well. But now that you’ve got your foot in the door, you’ll have to nail the next crucial step: onboarding. You’ve made a good first impression, but chances are the user isn’t sold on your app just yet—here’s how to craft a seamless, hassle-free onboarding for your app.

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